185 years since the beginning of Hartwall

Today, Tuesday 2.2.2021, it is 185 years since Victor Hartwall was granted a business license for the production of artificial mineral water in Helsinki.

The Nordic region’s first mineral water factory thus began operations, which at the same time became the beginning of the family company Hartwall’s history.

Victor’s son, August Ludvig Hartwall, took over the management of Hartwall’s mineral water factory in 1865 during the turbulent times after the Crimean War. The same year he took over the business, he founded the first water kiosks in the center of Helsinki. The first lemonade drinks were made by mixing mineral water with sweetened juice. The kiosks and lemonade drinks were a success.

The operations of Hartwall Capital in its current form began in 2008, after the owner families reinvested the funds received from the sale of the breweries business in Hartwall Capital.

Victor Hartwall