Hartwall Capital appointed new board members

Tom Eriksson and Frank Korsström have been elected to Hartwall Capital’s Board of Directors. In the composition of the new board, experience in investment activities has weighed heavily. The Board’s work has also been reorganized: closer contact and an operational approach enables the Board’s competencies to be utilized more efficiently.

Tom Eriksson, M.Sc. (Economics and Business Administration), has, among other things, held various directorships in Wärtsilä, served as Managing Director of Adveq Management AG 2004-2007 and is now Chief Investment Officer at Calibrium AG. Eriksson has previously held various board positions and now sits on, amongst others, Audico Systems and Tolomeo Capital AG’s boards.

Frank Korsström, M.Sc (Technology), M.Sc. (Economics and Business Administration) worked for Accenture from 1998 to 2020: since 2006 as CEO of Accenture in Finland and since 2007 as CEO of Accenture in the Nordic region. Prior to Accenture, Korsström held positions in the consulting companies SIAR-Bossard in Finland and Paris and the Boston Consulting Group in Sweden and Finland. Korsström is also responsible for the implementation of the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK’s covid-19 exit strategy and serves as chairman of the board of Ficolo Oy and Rej-Design Oy. Korsström is also a member of the Supervisory Board of the Arcada Foundation.

The board now consists of six members. In addition to Eriksson and Korsström, the board consists of chairman Michael Rosenlew, vice chairman Peter Therman, Paul Hartwall and Casimir Lindholm.

“Hartwall Capital’s board now functions more like an investment committee,” says chairman Michael Rosenlew.

A tighter meeting calendar allows for further improved flexibility in decision-making and enables the board members to gain a deep insight into Hartwall Capital’s work and projects. The model allows the board’s skills and experience to be utilized more efficiently. In the composition of the new board, experience in investment activities has therefore weighed heavily.