Hartwall Capital supporting entrepreneurship

Hartwall Capital has signed a two-year contract with EY to sponsor the national EY Entrepreneur of the Year competition which EY arranges annually. EY Entrepreneur of the Year is a renowned award for growth entrepreneurs who inspire others with their visions, leadership and achievements. Through the competition entrepreneurs are encouraged to seek growth-oriented and responsible entrepreneurship and people are invited to learn more about growth entrepreneurship in general.

EY Entrepreneur of the Year has taken place in Finland since 2003 and is part of a worldwide entrepreneur competition with thousands of participants. The entire contest culminates at the finals in Monaco, where over 50 country-specific representatives compete over the title EY World Entrepreneur of the Year.

”We want to take part and support the current and new Finnish entrepreneur’s journey to growth by providing the contestants opportunities to learn, network and exchange thoughts. As a domestic owner Hartwall Capital can also give views on what is important to the growth financers”, says Hartwall Capital’s CEO Eeva Ahdekivi.

The 2018 contest commenced today 16 May 2018 at the opening ceremony in Helsinki and will be followed by the regional contests in Turku, Lahti, Tampere and Oulu. The Finnish winner will be announced at a gala in November in Helsinki. Read more about the contest and registration at www.eoy.fi.